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Hey Wicktroverts!

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Welcome to the blog! I realized this was the best way to stay connected and engaged with you all other than just informing you on when we restock. Most people assume introverts sit around and do nothing, which couldn't be furthest from the truth....well kind of, lol. I'm just not much for simple conversations....literally...

While every introvert is different and has different interest and hobbies, for the most part I think we can agree that we love doing things either in solitude or with a select few people who help bring meaningful experiences to our lives.

So when the pandemic hit the fan back in March and there was just mere talk about mandatory quarantines, my only thought was... "Don't threaten me with a good time!

You mean, I don't have to cancel plans anymore? I don't have to make up an excuse for wanting to be home all day?"

I spent most of my quarantine time perfecting the process and branding the signature collection for Wicktrovert, (which there's still so much work to be done). I've ordered a lot of food through UberEats, binge watched TV shows, watched my favorite movies, and learned how to cook.

Unfortunately for me, the "quarantine & chill" era was short lived and most have gone back to their regular leisure of hanging out, eating at restaurants, and well... I'm back to making excuses on why I can't make it, and my lack of being social being side eyed.

I mean..come on people! I do have a candle business to run here!

Speaking of...we have a few candles left in stock! You can order online here! Each order comes with free shipping & free wax melt samples.

I've said enough for now but looking forward to providing further insight on what's to come! Get your feedback, and just share my experiences as an introvert who loves candles.

What all did you do while in quarantine?

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